The Hawaiian Trades Academy is facilitated by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement in partnership with a number of non-profit and for-profit organizations. It is designed to help prepare and situate Native Hawaiians in the trade industry. Program goals:

      • Provide students with training and certifications for an array of vocational jobs;
      • Provide participants, who successfully complete the program, with a smooth transition into high-paying jobs;
      • Assist families with long-term financial planning through a matching savings program.

The Hawaiian Trades Academy is subsidized by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement and Aloha United Way. Weekly attendance and participation is required.  All courses are free. However, to ensure attendance, a $50 deposit will be required of each student on the first day of class.  This deposit will be refunded on the last day of class if the attendance requirement is met.

For more information contact Program Manager, Rona Kekauoha at or by phone at 808-529-1632.

Hawaiian Trades Academy 2020

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Molokaʻi: Jan. 27

Maui: Feb. 12

Maui: Feb. 2020

Oʻahu: Apr. 7

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Oʻahu: April 2020