Tournament Code of Conduct

  • All players and coaches should display good sportsmanlike conduct – this means exemplifying the values of ha’aha’a (to be humble) and aloha to all opponents and team members. Absolutely no profanity is allowed from players, coaches, family and spectators.
  • In the case of unsportsmanlike conduct of a player, the player will be benched for one game. In the case of unsportsmanlike conduct of a parent, both the parent and player will be removed from the game until such time as the Tournament Director sees fit.
  • In the case of inappropriate behavior from coaches, Athletes, Parents & Guardians, adverse punishment will be issued to the team lading up to and including forfeit of the game.
  • Teams may not have anyone on the bench that is not on the roster. The maximum number of registered players is 12. No added or substitute players will be allowed who are not registered.
  • As space is limited, parents, family members and friends are asked to stay in spectator designated areas.
  • It is the coaches job to keep a folder of all players documents for age verification for the duration of the tournament. This will  *not* be turned in, but will be kept with the coach at all times in case asked for and in the event of age disputes. This can be a 2019/2020 School ID, state ID, tribal ID, report card, or copy of birth certificate. Please ask each parent to provide these for their child.
  • Abuse to Officials or Staff will not be tolerated