The CNHA Census Grant Program aims at improving the Census data accuracy for potentially hard-to-count Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (NHPIs) in the State of Hawaii. A grant fund has been established for State-wide organizations that improve civic engagement and promote census participation in NHPI communities.

If your organization currently operates or in the future will operate a program or service with the goal of increasing census participation, you are encouraged to apply. Organizations with a CNHA membership will have application approval preference.

Submission Deadline: TBD

Funding Resource Availability (among all grant awardees): up to $200,000
Maximum Grant Award for Individual Projects: up to $10,000
Project Period: September 2019 – July 2020


  • Preference given to federal or state non-profit community groups or organizations that exist in or provide service to Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Hard to Count communities.
  • Preference will be given as well to CNHA member organizations.
  • Grant funding must apply toward the service of increasing Census 2020 participation. This is not a blanket grant for all civic engagement projects.

Program Manager: Richard Medeiros
(808) 529-1622

RFP Intake Form

If you would like to submit a proposal for grant funding, please use this form to provide us with your organization's contact info and proposal documents. Please review our RFP thoroughly before submitting. Requests for more funding than as stated will not be considered.
ie. Health services, Non-profit capacity building services
Street Address, City, State (must be operated and serving in the State of Hawaii)
ie. Grant Funding Manager, Financial Officer, etc.

Organization Details

If yes, upon determining eligibility, you will be asked to provide your 501(c) IRS determination letter.
Please list the leaders of your organization and their positions, ie: John Kanaka, CEO; Jane Kanaka, CFO
Please list your organization's strengths, distinguished skills and capabilities as they relate to civic engagement and community organization. You may also list past projects as examples of these capabilities in action.
Please summarize how your organization intends to provide census outreach. This is a brief summary of your more detailed proposal that we will ask for upon determining your eligibility.